DENON PMA-255UK Stereo Integrated Amplifier



The UK designed PMA255UK although similar in many ways to the top selling PMA-250SE, the internals are bigger, beefier and all new. Rated at a conservative 50 watts the sound is more subtle, better focused and the PMA-255UK kicks hard, sounding like a much bigger amp. The new design also delivers superior bass power & drive with better load handling.

Direct hardwiring from the power amp to speaker terminals together with other direct line features such as the high current copper bus bar for central ground line and the straight line bypass of the tone controls provides a more accurate sound stage and a tighter base line for you to enjoy music as it should be.

  • Audiophile components in drive & feedback paths. 15 new generation polypropylene film caps & selected Silken electrolytic bypass caps.
  • ELNA audiophile grade power supply reservoir caps – custom made for Denon.
  • Short path design with new high current – low distortion output transistors.
  • Pure symmetrical power amplifier design.
  • 4 line Inputs, 1 tape circuit (No turntable input)