SOLD! Roksan Kandy K2 TR5 speakers. SOLD!



Roksan Kandy K2 TR5 speakers come with ribbon tweeters

The dedicated ribbon tweeter gives a smooth, seamless treble with a delicate balance and sweetness that’s almost impossible to replicate with a conventional dome. Dispersion damping foam keeps the ribbons controlled and precise at all times.

When using a ribbon tweeter it’s even more critical than usual to carefully match the woofer unit. As such, Roksan has selected a custom designed, paper coned unit that perfectly complements the sonic characteristics of the tweeter. The paper cone is lightweight and fast to respond, ensuring it can match the timing of the ribbon unit. A rigid die-cast chassis ensures accurate piston movement for fine detail in the mid-range.

Quality components are used throughout the K2 speakers. So, for example, the crossover uses air core coils, metalised polyester capacitors and a heavy duty PCB of a quality usually found on much more expensive designs. The internally braced, double cavity, 15mm thick MDF cabinet is specced to an equally high standard. Gold-plated, bi-wirable speaker binding posts complete a speaker that’s very much designed for the audiophile.

Finished in a high quality black Piano gloss finish.

Magnetic black speaker grills, for easy removal.

Dimensions/single speaker WxHxD  19 x 37 x 28 cm