AVI Pro Nine Monitors

Original price was: £599.99.Current price is: £399.99.


Pro-Nine-Plus are very high performance compact monitor type speakers and are designed to be used with our Integrated amplifier. They should be your first choice where space is at a premium but if you have the room, then our floor standing Duos, three way Trios or Brios will give vastly better results.
The Pro-Nine-Plus are intended for stand mounting but will work well when wall or shelf mounted. Their asymmetrical design is such that they can be used lying down, standing up or reversed from side to side to overcome the acoustic problems often encountered in smaller rooms. They are tremendously versatile.
They use extremely expensive Scandinavian drive units together with AVI’s 14 element, phase correct crossover to achieve extraordinary clarity and smoothness, an exceptional stereo image and seamless integration. They are very easy to drive being both sensitive and very linear with increased power input. Put another way, they are amazingly loud without distorting. For those who listen at normal levels, this means a significant improvement in clarity and the depth of the stereo image provided, of course, your power amplifier is sufficiently powerful to take advantage of the situation.
Other manufacturers often use multiples of inexpensive drive units in a column speaker to achieve a similar dynamic range to the Pro-Nine-Plus but in a much larger box. To the less discerning, they look better value but the result is not so easy to accommodate and the sound quality will not be as good.
Once you have heard these speakers and compared them with others, even at far higher prices, it will be obvious that they offer truly outstanding performance.
SIZE: 340 x 230 x 245 mm.
Amplitude linearity: > + or – 2dB 90-27kHz
Bass drive unit: 165 mm special new type of curvilinear, doped, wood pulp, paper, 25mm voice coil.
Very short coil in long gap for excellent power linearity.
Tweeter: 25 mm dia. Viscous damped fabric.
Bass extension: -6 dB @ 60 Hz
Sensitivity: 88.7 dB/w/m
Max spl: 111 dB ea @ 1 m
Enclosure: 18 mm MDF real wood veneered both sides, 12 Litre volume front ported.


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