BRENNAN JB7 Music System


The Brennan JB7 supplied with speakers, remote, power supply & instructions

This gives you an idea of the size – up to 2500CDs & 60 Watts.

JB7 is small enough for a bedside table. It fits in really well on a desk and because it has a remote you could put it under the TV or on a shelf.

Load your CDs into JB7 then put them in the attic or garage. You can declutter your living room then rediscover all the brilliant music you own.

A lot of people don’t notice the CD slot at first. It takes two button presses to load a CD to the internal hard disk. You can comfortably load 20-30 CDs in an evening. You can also rip a whole CD or an individual track directly to an MP3 player.

JB7 plays MP3s on MP3 players, iPods, USB flash memory and hard disks

JB7 is simple to connect – you just need these

  • 24V DC – from the AC adaptor
  • Loudspeakers

Extra connections – can be useful but not necessary

  • Headphone output
  • Line out
  • Aux in – tuner, turntable, ipod etc you can record from this input so you could use it to transfer from vinyl to mp3


The Brennan BSP50 bookshelf loudspeakers are a perfect match for JB7’s size and power.

First of all they deliver music with a clarity that lets you hear lyrics you never listened to before. Then they back it up with a depth that you would expect from bigger more expensive speakers.

The first thought that goes through your head when you hear JB7 is “where is it all coming from?”. You tend to look around for some big boxes hidden in the furniture.