With its built-in 1TB hard drive and catch-up TV, the Freesat UHD-4X-1TB lets you enjoy TV at the time you want.

Connect to your satellite dish and enjoy
The Freesat PVR 1TB box lets you connect to your existing satellite dish and enjoy a whole host of services and features. As well as getting free access to over 170 channels, you can also record your favourite programmes on the 1TB hard drive. Alternatively, enjoy TV on demand from popular services such as the BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube.

HD Satellite TV – subscription free
Freesat HD lets you keep your existing satellite dish and access a wide range of channels, without monthly subscription charges. Ideal for homes with poor aerial reception or where a satellite dish is already fitted, Freesat HD gives you all the advantages of Freeview, but with a dish instead of an aerial.

Over 170 channels, including 20+ in HD
With over 170 TV and radio channels to hand, there’s always entertainment to be had from Freesat. Make the most of your HD TV with one of over 20 stations available in High Definition on this PVR. These include BBC One, Two and Four, ITV, Channel 5 and regional TV such as STV (please note, regional variations exist with the UK).

Now compatible with BritBox
BritBox is a subscription video service that brings together the very best of past, current and future commissioned British TV*. Enjoy British classics, such as Blake 7, Doctor Who and The Avengers. The new series of Spitting Image will be BritBox’s first original commission. You can enjoy this vast array of programming from the combined forces of the BBC, TITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – advert free. *Monthly subscription charge applies.

1TB hard drive for up to 500 hours of recording
Featuring a built-in PVR (Personal Video Recorder), you can record up to 500 hours of standard definition TV or up to 250 hours HD TV. With a suitable dish (wideband LNB), you can record up to four programmes simultaneously or watch one while recording three others. The built-in hard drive also allows for additional functionality, such as pausing and rewinding live TV – perfect for pausing TV to make a drink, or replaying a crucial TV moment.

All your favourite catch-up TV services
As well as being able to record TV, you can access catch-up services via this Freesat PVR (Internet connection required). BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, My5, STV and UKTV are available (please note, regional variations exist with the UK).

Stream in 4K
For a step-up in picture quality, this PVR is also compatible with UHD 4K streaming services. Connect to your UHD 4K TV and see enhanced detail with a more natural picture than before. UHD 4K content is available via YouTube and Netflix.