KEF Uni-Q Array Driver in Black/Copper

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Super-precise, monitor sound
KEF’s history includes making some of the most precise-sounding monitor speakers. Used in recording studios around the world, KEF-branded speakers and other brands using KEF drive units are behind so many classic mixes. The LS50 picks up on this heritage and runs with it. The Uni-Q driver array places the tweeter within the middle of the woofer. This means a single point source, helping to make it sound more cohesive. The magnesium/ aluminium woofer is light and rigid – meaning it’s fast to respond and entirely faithful to the music playing.

Musical with it
Although some monitor speakers can sound clinical to listen to, this is not the case with the KEF LS50. The super-rigid cabinet features a curved compound front baffle. Combined with the tweeter’s ‘tangerine’ wave-guide, this helps spread the sound far out into your room – making listening to these speakers an enveloping experience.

Powerful bass for such a compact speaker
Although small, the LS50s pack quite a punch. With its Z-Flex surround, the woofer moves freely within a long throw. This means more air being moved and deeper, more controlled bass. The specially designed, flexible elliptical rear bass port tunes the bass; avoiding the soft, tuneless ‘thud’ sounds that can afflict this type of speaker. In short, what the LS50 delivers is clean, tight bass that simply sounds more like the instrument it’s recreating.

Speaker Enclosure Type Bass Reflex
Speaker Type Enclosure – Filter Bass reflex – rear port
Audio Frequency Response (Hz) 79 – 28,000
Impedance (ohms) 8
Power Rating (Watts) 100
Sensitivity (dB)85
Weight (KG) 7.2