4k UHD Blu-ray Player UBD-M9000 with HDR Technology


This 4k player is compatible with 4K UHD movies, Blu-rays and DVDs which is great if you have a collection of films you enjoy watching and you don’t want to part with them. The Samsung UBD-M9000 Blu-ray player will also upscale any non-4K content, making your old collection look better than it ever has before.

Discover unrivalled picture quality

Enjoy revolutionary picture quality the way the director intended it. With 4 times higher the resolution than Full HD, the UBD-M9000 delivers crystal clear and detailed images in UHD, especially on big screens, bringing your movies to life.

Explore crystal clear colour in all your favourite content

See the most realistic range of stunning shades burst from the screen without compromising on the detail, breathing new life into every scene. The UBD-M9000 offers twice the colour range and 64x greater detail colour expression than conventional Blu-ray players, surpassing the current Digital Cinema Standard. Enjoy realistic picture quality like never before.

Don’t hassle through settings to turn on your HDR. Just connect UHD Player to your UHD HDR TV and automatically get amazing HDR resolution without moving your finger.

The Samsung UBDM9000 4k player comes full of great smart apps built-in (Netflix, YouTube, catch up TV and many more besides) so there is no need for endlessly changing between TV and 4k player to get to your smart apps. All the apps are there in one place, accessible through the Tizen operating system, which displays them as tiles at the bottom of the screen.

When you’re done watching TV you can also stream music, via Spotify or Deezer; delivering fantastic sounding audio. The remote is simple and straightforward to use. Matching the Blu-ray player with its sleek design, you’ll find that there’s a decent ergonomic layout for easy use. The remote can connect to the player via Bluetooth so it matters not if your player is out on show or hidden away, it will still work effortlessly.