TEAC LP-R500 Copying Station



TEAC introduces the new, all-in-one music centre which can record CD directly from your vinyl record collection of 33s, 45s, 75s and your cassette tapes. Now you can play and record your vinyl albums and cassettes onto cd and listen to your favourite records virtually anywhere. It has 2 built-in stereo speakers and a full function remote control included. Dust off those vinyls and cherished cassettes – now you can listen to them again and again.

You can record the entire album/cassette or just your favourite tracks from the album to make your own personal compilations. Listen to your recording through the system’s twin 3-inch speakers, or plug in and listen through the built-in headphone jack. Either way, you will listen to a high quality sound from a reliable manufacturer. Finished in wood veneer. It combines a back-lit LCD panel – which gives you CD information – with a rotary controlled FM/AM radio and controls for tuning, volume and of course, ‘one-touch recording’ from vinyl or cassette to CD. The LP-R500 also offers a unique TEAC feature: automatic or manual track increment options (with 2 different level thresholds to choose from), which means you can record your albums with spaces between every track. It also features manual record-level control and an auxiliary set of RCA stereo analog audio inputs for recording from external sources such as reel-to-reel tape, or another CD or MP3 player. Playback features include shuffle play, repeat play, and 32-track programming. Listen to your favourite FM or AM station on the rotary analog tuner. The turntable supports 33s, 45s and 78s, so you can play your entire collection – it even comes with a handy centre-hole adapter for your 7-inch singles. The included full-function remote control allows you to operate everything from the comfort of your sofa. Please note: only audio/music CDs or CDWs may be used.