WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 9.0 Bookshelf Speakers

Original price was: £129.99.Current price is: £79.99.

The Wharfedale 9.0 are small stereo speaker to replace mini/micro system speakers or satellite speaker to use with subwoofer in home cinema systems. Small cuboid enclosure using 100mm bass/mid driver and 25mm silk dome tweeter. Superb imaging is possible and when used with any of the Diamond 9 series subwoofers, the results are spectacular. Ideal when used in a home cinema where space is an issue or to replace the speakers supplied with good quality micro/mini systems.

A special alloy, cast chassis design is incorporated across all diamond models to virtually eliminate rear wave reflections from the chassis legs. This allows air to move freely through the driver and have a more even frequency response with much lower distortion.